Need to Boost Social Viewership But Don’t Have The Budget? Should Short Form Video Formats Be In Your Plan?

Live Streaming and Short Form Video Formats

Let’s face it –  video streaming is so hot right now. And that’s partially because Meta is funding its popularity and partially because if you do it right, video is simply captivating.

If your company page is on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok then you already know. The platform has completely reestablished itself as a pay-to-play social media site – regardless of how interesting or engaging your content is. This can be maddening to the fair players who are doing everything right, yet can’t get their viewership to that next level. The only answer has been to pay up. But is that still true?

As PR pros, we are always looking for ways to create organic viewership without clients having to increase ad budgets. Sometimes it’s inevitable in this ever-changing marketplace, but oh how we hate it. So we kept our finger on the pulse and realized there may be better ways. One topic that seems to be trending is Short Form Video Formats, and they seem to be essential to many company’s PR & Marketing strategies.

For those of us who have visually appealing stories to tell, this is a perfect time for us to give our client’s production ideas and help them create impactful and creative content for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

If you are looking to strategize short form video formats to increase engagement and followers on your social, reach out to us at Golden Arrow PR.