Why Public Relations is a Vital Part of Your Startup

If you’re running a startup company, then your hands are busy managing a lot of moving pieces, one of those pieces being PR – or the attempt at getting the word out about your business. You have uncovered a problem and found a new and fresh solution with a pulse on the future. Now you’re building on that idea at a rapid pace, knowing that success is not guaranteed.

Public relations is a way to get your startup to the next level of awareness and success, granting you credibility and third-party validation. But before you begin pursuing any PR, it is vital your product is ready for the press. They are, for the most part, an honest group of influencers who can break your momentum if the product is not up to par with consumer expectations.

Another piece of your business that should be solidified before pursuing public attention is your brand. Establishing who you are as a company – your identity, voice, brand personality, messaging and values – is a step you must take to grow. The media will ask and expect an uncomplicated answer. If you are not quite there yet, seek branding help and take steps to paint a clear picture of who you are to the public.

Positive publicity is something every company desires and getting a mention in TechCrunch or NY Times might be your idea of total and complete success. But you have to remember that success in PR is accomplished with baby steps, benefiting your startup with a steady increase in positive publicity, and ultimately helping gain credibility. This process begins with staying constantly active on social media and SEO, landing analyst articles and getting coverage among the blogging community. As you gain more trust among those platforms, larger media outlets will begin to see you as a bigger fish – someone they may want to cover in their next tech segment or gift guide. Understanding one large media hit will not solidify your success and will help give you the patience to pursue baby steps and consistent build-up of media attention. This mindset is vital to your long term goals.

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