How to Run a Social Media Giveaway



6 Steps To Running A Successful Social Media Giveaway


      You would be hard pressed to find a single person who doesn’t light up while being congratulated that they’ve won a valuable item or experience by a brand. Giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, call it what you want, can be thrilling for your customers. We all have those three friends we tag in social giveaways, right? All one has to do is like, comment, tag, and this bundle of goodies could be theirs? Done.

      Larger brands may have the budget to gift significantly more valuable items, but that doesn’t mean smaller brands are at a disadvantage when it comes to connecting with their audience. A smaller following might actually incentivize your followers to participate because they may feel they have more of a chance at being selected. No matter the size, any brand can benefit from giving back with gifting its followers and we are here to guide you to optimal results in your next or maybe even first social media giveaway.

1. Identify your giveaway objective

    • Do you want to increase followers, engagement, overall brand awareness or are you targeting a certain demographic? 

2. Determine what connects with your audience

    • Ask them directly with a poll or survey
    • Consider social posts with the most engagement
    • Look at successful giveaways run by other brands your admire

3. Plan your giveaway

    • Choose your prize
    • Choose your social platforms
    • How will contest winners enter?
    • Who’s eligible?
    • How will you select the winner?
    • How will they receive the item/experience?
    • Deadline to enter?
    • How will you announce the winner?
    • Legal terms and conditions provided

4. Define how you will amplify your social giveaway

    • Will you include a Celebrity/Influencer collaboration?
    • Identify your hashtag strategy
    • Do you want the winners producing social content before/during/after the contest?
    • Utilize your brand’s social channels to post about the contest
    • Does your brand have a blog on its website that you can post the contest on? 
    • Do you have a PR/Media outreach strategy to share with local/regional/national publications and outlets?

5. Measure your results

    • Use a social listening tool like Sprout Social or Hootsuite to record and compare analytics from the month prior
    • Be sure to look at social impressions, engagement, reach, video views, website traffic before, during and after the contest

6. Make it personal

    • Enjoy the gift of giving and don’t forget to take the time to share in the joy of your winner’s recent fortune


      At Golden Arrow we are experienced at creating strategic social media giveaways for a diverse array of brands from medically-regulated products to adult beverages. We love a good giveaway and enjoy everything from ideating around a concept all the way through to execution and reporting ROI to our clients. Contact us at: so we can help your brand plan and implement your next social media giveaway.