How to Build and Maintain a Strong Brand Image for Your Medical Device

Successful medical device branding does not only refer to a recognizable logo but the emotion it provokes. Branding medical devices allows marketing executives to establish persuasive and bold strategies that attract the audience to use your service instead of your competitors. To achieve that, you must learn how to build and maintain a strong brand image for your medical device.

As a healthcare PR agency regularly handling requests for media relations to build public trust and external growth of your practice, we’ve created a guide to successful med tech branding. Below you will find what strategies can be used to build a strong brand image for a medical device to help you understand how to build and maintain a strong brand image for your medical device.

How to Build and Maintain a Strong Brand Image for Your Medical Device
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Building and Maintaining a Strong Brand Image

1. Defining your brand identity

A brand is not just a logo — it’s much more than that. Building a successful brand is much more than creating a successful campaign or designing the best logo. Your company culture also impacts your brand identity. The way you handle given situations, how you treat customers, and any special expression used at your company are what add up to your brand identity as well.

Besides designing a logo, the next step is giving your medical device a purpose, a clear mission, and a vision. You must highlight the features of your product in a way that differs from your competitors.

Secondly, your product must align with the values of the healthcare sector. You would have to research the values and align your medical device accordingly. That’s how you can gain more profit and visibility. What’s more, hiring a reputable medical devices PR agency can help you differentiate your brand, align with your purpose, and establish your reputation and credibility on the market.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to build and maintain a strong brand image for your medical device, you have to start fostering a healthy working culture and good relations with the customers.

2. Conducting market research

A successful brand image resonates with the audience. It provides solutions, answers, or commodities. Whenever we help brands promote their device, we conduct deep research on the target audience in terms of their needs and behavior. That allows you to have a clearer picture of who to target.

Apart from the target audience, we also deeply analyze the competitors in terms of how they promote their devices, who they collaborate with, and what’s their brand value. 

Conducting Market Research
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3. Developing a compelling brand story

To develop a compelling brand story, we use the data from the database research. We analyze the values and reviews of patients, stakeholders, and professionals as guidelines to write a compelling narrative. Moreover, we include the features of the story to point out the positive impact of the medical device on the health industry overall.

4. Establishing consistent branding

Visuals are the external identity of your brand. For a brand to attract an even bigger audience, it has to be unique, with a specific color scheme and logo that will resonate with your brand. Moreover, it will make it easy for the target audience to recognize the medical device. Therefore, whenever we need to write or handle a given PR task on behalf of our clients, we mindfully use the branding colors across all communication channels.

5. Leveraging thought leadership

Ranking higher on the market is not an easy task. But, leveraging the values that your medical device contributes to the health industry makes you a thought leader.

We create a comprehensive plan when we need to promote the device in the industry that includes brand values, benefits, KPIs, and expected success rate.

6. Implementing strategic PR campaigns

PR campaigns are some of the best ways to increase brand awareness. Just by attending conferences, being reachable to your target audience, and showing the effort, you build brand awareness.

We understand that attending or getting into relevant publications is tough especially if you are a brand new company. But, that’s why you hire companies like us. We have a reputation and many relations to get you into the desired event.

7. Engaging with key stakeholders

To maintain your brand image, you need a strong network. That includes building and maintaining strong relationships with influencers, healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders, or stakeholders. 

Navigating into these circles is difficult, even for the most experienced brands. You need to understand the values of the stakeholders, which is another research. But that is where we step in. We can help you out in building relationships with key people in the industry to keep your medical product under the radar.

8. Managing crisis communication

A crisis management plan is essential when building a brand image. It allows you to have consistent messaging that maintains the value of the brand in challenging times. With this plan, you can rest assured that all relations with your patients, employees, stakeholders, partners, or the media resonate with the initial tone and message. The crisis management plan is more than vital to save your reputation in difficult times.

We have a team of skilled experts who create robust plans for our clients. Also, the plans give a heads up to our clients for potential difficulties and prepare them beforehand on how to behave.

9. Monitoring and measuring brand perception

Tracking how your target audience perceives your brand after the PR campaign is vital. Sometimes before launching the campaign, you may think something would be a definitive hit when in reality, something else would grab the attention of the audience. 

By implementing analytic tools you get to track the performance and make changes to have a higher success rate. You can track brand mentions and sentiment to see how the target audience understands your brand.

Monitoring and Measuring Brand Perception
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Why Is Building a Strong Brand Image Important for a Medical Device?

Most medical device companies rely on word of mouth and clinical trials to help them maintain a strong image of their medical device and brand in general. However, there’s much more to it.  Strong brand images instill trust in the audience. A brand is the story you want to convey to the world; it represents everything you stand for.

So, how can you convince the same target audience that your medical device is better than your competitors? Through reassurance. Implementing effective PR campaigns makes you more visible and reachable to the target audience. That helps you strengthen your brand image and become a default choice for your target audience. 


Building a strong brand image for your medical device builds trust with the target audience and outranks your competitors. 

To conclude the article, let’s reiterate the question of how to build and maintain a strong brand image for your medical device. Building a brand image is a strategic approach that may require PR expert help.

In our experience as a PR company in the healthcare industry, we had clients who tried to build brand image independently, but their campaign KPIs showed room for improvement. In this article, we’ve covered the most relevant points when creating a brand image for your medical device, and feel free to use them.

But if you have any difficulties, questions, or dilemmas, make sure you reach out to us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help your business grow.